JLGC participates in 2015 SME'S Business Development Conference in Cairo - Egypt


An official delegate from JLGC led by H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari , Director General participated in 2015 SME's Business Development Conference " Role of Regulators in Promoting SME's Financing " that was organized by the Central Bank of Egypt, World Bank Group and the Arab Monetary Fund  in Cairo / Egypt on the 14th & 15th of January 2015.

The conference sessions discussed the key topics regarding opportunities and changing landscapes in SME business in MENA Region.  It also focused on the role of central banks in promoting and supporting SME business and lead to the implementation of national strategies, frameworks, action plans for international best practices. The sessions also addressed various topics about managing risks of the SME portfolios and outlining the challenges and position of SME entrepreneurs and their requirements from the authorities and central banks. Furthermore, highlighting the importance of guarantee programs, innovative tools and techniques, financial infrastructure in SMEs development and the role of multilateral organizations in supporting SMEs.

Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari moderated the session on the role of guarantee fund programs in SMEs development. Managers of the loan guarantee schemes in Egypt, Lebanon, KSA and UAE participated in the session to discuss the increasing role played recently by guarantee fund programs towards enabling SMEs in the region to access fair and secure financing with appropriate conditions.

JLGC official delegate comprising of Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari, Director General, Mrs. Amal Jaradat, Manager of Industrial Finance Dept, Ms. Wafaa' Al Rabiee , Public Relations officer and Ms. Luma Aqrabawi , Credit Officer at the Loan Guarantee Dept. visited the Egyptian Credit Guarantee Company (CGC) in their premises to share experiences and ideas in the field of loan guarantees, and discussing the details and specifications of the banks along with the systems used to save the database  and analyzing the guarantee applications.