JLGC participates in the Meeting of " Delivering Global Solutions for Inclusion and Growth " in Turkey


Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari, the Director General represented JLGC at the World Bank Finance and Market (F&M) Global Practice Meeting "Delivering Global Solutions for Inclusion and Growth" for Middle East and North Africa and East Europe and Central Asia region (EMENA) that was held in Istanbul – Turkey on December 8&9, 2014.

The meeting gathered the top-notch WB officials including Directors and Practice Managers aims to discuss the challenges and exploit opportunities of the new global and integrated finance and market team ( F&M) to deliver better and faster development solutions for the World Bank clients in EMENA and globally. It also focused on learning about the approaches, instruments and programs available for foster deep, diversified, efficient and stable financial systems. Furthermore, creating a better understanding for the principles, structure and new operating approaches to work together as a one team in 2015 and beyond.

Dr. Al Ja'fari participated as a speaker at the session entitled “Welcome and Listening to WB Clients” that discussed the key challenges that MENA faces today in achieving universal financial access and finding the plans to address these challenges. The session also gives Dr. Al Ja'fari the opportunity to present Jordan Loan Guarantee achievements to support credit guarantee schemes and develop the JLGC SME loan guarantee products, and design new ones that are tailored to Jordanian SMEs.