JLGC Participation in the WORLD BANK meetings in Washington DC


H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari participated lately in the World Bank meetings at their premises in Washington DC on March 30-31, 2015. The World Bank formed a task force to oversee the process of developing the Principles on the design and implementation of PCGs for SMEs supported by the World Bank, which will act as Secretariat.

It has been agreed on appointing tow delegates representing the Arab region in the task force. The first delegate from one of loan guarantee schemes in the MENA region represented by H.E.Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari, JLGC's Director General. The second representative is Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) which acts as the Arab Regional Financial Corporation that keen about finance and banking sectors in the Arab countries, represented by Mr. Hafid Oubrik, Chief Financial Expert at AMF.

The tow days meeting outlining topics for the “Principles for the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Public Partial Credit Guarantee Schemes for Small and Medium Enterprises in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies” to reach broad consensus on topics to be covered by the Principles and to provide direction for the drafting and adopting the principles and methodologies to implement.