JLGC Study Tour to Turkey


An official delegate from JLGC led by H.E.Dr. Mohammed Al Ja'fari participated in the study tour program to Turkey during the period of 28th until 30th September, 2016. The delegate visited Frankfurt School of Business, Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF), Turk EXIMBANK, TEB Bank, Al Baraka Turk and Halkbank.

The study tour mainly aimed to share experiences and ideas with peer organizations in the field of loan guarantees, and discussing the details of SMEs lending and different supporting enablers. The visit will help JLGC to develop its strategies and action plans for the implementation of the best international practices.

The delegate met the top management of the organizations and discussed various topics about managing risks of the SME portfolios and the management of distressed guarantees and debt collection.

The official delegate comprising of :

  • Mr. Abdelsalam Nusair - Advisor Risk Management
  • Mr. Mahmoud Rbeihat - Sr. Credit Officer - Loan Guarantee Dept.
  • Mrs. Fatima Hamadan - Sr. Credit Officer - Export Credit Dept.
  •  Mr. Wael Abdullah - Credit Officer - Export Credit Dept.
  • Ms. Razan Zawawi - Credit Officer - Loan Guarantee Dept.