About Us


The Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation (JLGC) was established as a public shareholding company in 1994 with a paid up capital of JD 7 million. In 1997 the capital was increased to JD 10 million and then increased to JD 29,080,310 at the end of 2016  in order to cover exporter’s credit and encourage SMEs venture outside Jordan. JLGC aims to provide the necessary guarantees to facilitate financing of SMEs and national export, to contribute to the process of economic growth, job creation and national export encouragement.

Our Guarantees are designed to benefit  SMEs in Jordan through impacting:

1.The Banking and Financing Sector in Jordan under the Loan Guarantee Programme, to enable them to provide financing to SME’s with JLGC’s Guarantees

2. The Jordanian Exporters & local traders through the Export Credit Guarantee Programme, to enable them to cover their commercial and political risks associated with trading both domestically and internationally.

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation began with one simple program for SME’s guarantees. Now there are 5 major programs tailored to improve SME access to finance and provide more risk measured instruments to banks and exporters.

1. SMEs Loan Guarantee.

2. Export and Domestic Credit Insurance.

3. Micro Business Loan Guarantee

3. Islamic Financing Guarantee.

5. Financial Leasing Guarantee.