Export & Domestic Credit Insurance


Step 1

 If you are an exporter wishing to insure your shipments to external markets or to local buyers, you must contact the Export Credit Insurance Department at JLGC. You will then be asked to fill a form with your buyers' names, addresses and revolving credit limits you wish to provide to each buyer -the maximum being US$4,000,000.00. 

 Step 2

After inquiring about your buyers through our widespread data base, and determining credit limits for each of them; you will be asked to fill the next form which includes information on your company, expected turnover, and buyers. In order for us to assess the risk and decide on a premium rate accordingly. 

Step 3

An offer of premiums and fees for signing the Credit Insurance Policy will be provided to you. If you agree to the offer, a one-year policy will then be signed covering your sales to the covered buyers within the credit limits assigned. Further buyers can be added to the policy at any time, granted that we agree to appoint a credit limit to them.