Industrial Finance & Financial Leasing Guarantee


Step 1

If you are a small or medium-sized company (industrial, productivity) and you need to get credits

 (Medium or long-term loan ) for financing  the purchasing of fixed assets or to make renovation or extension of premises, decide the purpose of the loan, prepare a feasibility study, financial statements  for the project to be ready as an initial step.

Step 2

Since all JLGC Loan guarantee applications must be submitted through the Participating banks, review the list of Participating Banks to make sure that your bank has an active relationship with JLGC, then apply your application through your bank who should first check that your application meets the criteria of the schemes

Step 3

If an application meets the eligibility criteria and the PB is satisfied that the loan applicant has the ability to repay from cash flow, the PB  should seek a guarantee approval from JLGC by forwarding the completed documentation to JLGC.

Step 4

If the guarantee is acceptable by JLGC and there is an acceptance by the bank of the guarantee conditions, review the PB to complete the required procedures, such as signing of contracts.