Success stories


Al Kasih Factory

The manufacturing of halva (halawa) and Tahini (Tahina) was linked with al-Kasih Family in Jordan whereas Haj Reslan Kasiih had established the first factory of tahini and halva in 1926.

In 1996, Haj “Mohammad Adnan” Kasih followed his father’s steps in developing these products; he had established “kasih factories Group for Foodstuff” located in Marka which now are considered as the reputed manufacturer of different kinds of tahini, halva and sesame seeds. Where it was granted several loans on gradually basis through many financial entities in Jordan including Société Générale bank and guaranteed by Jordan loan guarantee corporation, which worth 2.6 Million JD , were utilized by the factory for business expansion and development and that was through providing many production lines and business expansion which also contributed in providing many job opportunities .In addition, its role in national industry development in foodstuff industry field mainly halva and tahini industry where the company’s diversified products distinguished by its top quality and manufacturing according to the latest global methods which contributed in increasing the demand on factory products in domestic and global markets. In addition, the group was the first one that granted the certificates of ISO9002 & HACCP in foodstuff fields.

Arta Medical Center

Dr.Mai Ahmad worked in the Arab Dental center for 16 years, managed during this period good relation with her patients.

Because of her wide ambition and professional aspiration, she rented a place in Abdoun area and equipped the clinic with the latest devices through self funding, and then she needed 70 thousand JD to complete the preparation for the center by providing the latest devices in dental and teeth treatment.

Dr.Mai had requested the loan from Jordan commercial bank, based on the agreement signed between Jordan commercial bank and the Jordan loan guarantee corporation, the bank routes the request to the company to study her application ,after that the company agreed to guarantee the loan.

The project results were positive, where it helped to offer job opportunities for doctors, after that JLGC Committee had met Dr.Mai and she introduced her thanks to the company and its staff for helping her achieving what she dreamt about away from the traditional finance where it would have tough requirements on the borrowers.

Turquoise Project for Traditional Jewelry Project

Mrs.Weddad Hamdan have worked in Traditional jewelry field through wholesale distribution with a limited financial capability, where she had worked individually without a separate

 workshop. But her faith that the secret of success is working hard, she had rented a place in Al Madinah Munwara st.Area where the store was decorated specially to display the items in an appropriate way. Mrs. Weddad got the proper finance from the Housing bank where she had to complete purchasing project’s items and products. The bank handed over /forwarded the application to JLGC within its business loan program. JLGC had studied the application and visited the site, Based on that, JLGC approved to guarantee the loan since it is convinced about the project feasibility and its owner experience and seriousness. And because JLGC always seek client’s satisfaction and follow up with them even after the loan was granted, the company had re- visited the site and the results were fruitful where it provided promising job opportunities for women. Mrs. Weddad acknowledges JLGC efforts to get the funding that enable her dream to come true.

Selected Items for Electronic Devices (Appliances) Trading Project

Mr. Tony Abu Leil, the project owner of “Selected items had started his career path as sales manager in Electronic appliances Department is one of the biggest local agencies in Jordan. His rich gained experience guided him through the decision of opening his own gallery in Mecca Street and corresponds with the biggest global companies to get the top agencies. Afterwards, he managed to get some specialized agencies in manufacturing gas stoves, refrigerators and microwaves with high quality and different tastes within an average cost, where it targeted specific segment of the society. Mr. Abu Leil got his finance (letter of credit) worth 100 thousand JD to cover the value of imported goods, so the bank sent the loan application to JLGC. Afterwards,the committee studied all application aspects according to the company criteria and visited the project site, the loan risk level had been approved.

The project had helped to offer many great opportunities for the youth, where the company met Mr. Tony who expressed his extreme gratitude to JLGC for helping him to achieve this success.

Jordan Gardens Project

Mr. Yaqoub Micele and Mr. Anis Antoine are “Jordan Gardens” project owners. Mr. Yaqoub works as an accountant while Mr. Anis works as agricultural engineer.

The idea was initiated when both visited Spain to have an idea about the new methods used in strawberry planting.

By the time they got back to Jordan, they started to prepare a feasibility study for the idea and conducted a market survey as well as the amount of produced strawberries in local markets. Afterwards, they leased a land by the airport road .The land was fully prepared; Greenhouses were established besides the irrigation system and all that was through borrowers own equity. Later on, the project needed a generator and electronic appliances for organizing the strawberry irrigation process, where it needed three times of irrigation during the day within a precise and examined amounts. So the borrowers paid a visit to the Housing bank to get a loan valued 50 thousand Dinars to complete project’s requirements.

The bank communicated with JLGC within its business loan guarantee programs; the respective committee at JLGC studied all application aspects and visited the project site, after that JLGC agreed to guarantee this loan.

The project was very successful and effective where it created 55 Job opportunities for both genders. The borrowers were grateful to JLGC and it’s Staff; they also confirmed that without JLGC assistance and support, the project would not achieve all this success.

Arabella Factory for the Manufacture of Aluminum and Paints and Decoration

Mr.Subhi Al zoubi started his own business (Subhi for Aluminum Trading Co.)

Mr. Zoubi has a rich experience in his field and also a good reputation in Irbid market in Selling Aluminum and its accessories, he had been able to achieve extraordinary success and fulfill his professional ambition.

The factory had been able to attain a continuous expansion in its filed through gradual funding from several entities and guaranteed by Jordan loan guarantee corp.

The project results were that it helped offering many job opportunities, Mr. Subhi became the biggest trader in North provinces.

That is one of the most important success stories for the Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation for its main objective/target is to contain unemployment and help the government to attain/achieve/obtain the growth and development.