Executive Management

Name Title
Dr. Mohammed Lutfi Al Ja’fari Director General
Mr. Abedalsalam Faisal Nusair Deputy Director General
Mr. Rami Awwad Samardali Risk Management & Compliance Manager
Mrs. Amal Mahmoud Jaradat Export Credit Guarantee & Domestic Sales Dept. Manager
Mr. Firas Mustafa Fayyad Loan Guarantee Dept. Manager 
Mr. Tarek Talal Nabulsi Claims, Follow up and Recoveries Dept. Manager 
Vacant  Business Development & Market Research Unit Manager
Mr. Issa Ismail Taraireh Finance Dept. Manager
Mr. Jihad Younes Al Qdaimat  Support Services Dept. Manager 
Mr. Saif Shibli Al Farah Internal Audit Unit Manager
Mrs. Hanaa "Mohammed Mamdouh" Alshihabi Manager of Follow-up Unit of ISSF