Export Credit Guarantee Program

Aim of the program:

Encouraging Jordan exports and supporting national products by providing insurance against the risk of non-payment by buyer for the goods and commercial and non-commercial risks.

  • Maximum credit limit is 11 million USD.
  • Credit period is 6 months, it can be extended with exception.
  • Insured percentage is 90%.

The credit insurance covers:

Commercial risks:
Non-payment by the buyer, insolvency of the buyer, and the refusal the buyer to accept the shipped goods.

Non-commercial risks:
Government restrictions on currency conversion, any government decisions & regulations that prevent entry of goods, and wars and civil disturbance.

Program advantages:

  • Enables the Jordanian exporters to grow their export sales to foreign markets that they work with, without the need for L/C’s or advance payment, by providing payment facilities to face competition among foreign vendors.
  • Our insurance policy is considered as a guarantee tool (loss payee) for the Jordanian banks, which enables the policyholder to discount the invoices at his bank in order to maintain liquidity.
Credit Guarantee Programs
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Export Credit Guarantees

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