Boards of Directors

JLGC is managed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of eleven members. According to the JLGC Memorandum of Association, the Central Bank of Jordan appoints two of the members of whom one will be Chairman as long as CBJ participation (in JLGC’s capital) remains above 45%. The rest of the shareholders select the remaining members. Membership in the Board of Directors is for a period of four years that ends with the election of a new Board.

JLGC BOD Members are:

A representative of
H.E.Dr. Maher Shiekh Hassan Chairman of the Board ( representing Central Bank of Jordan)
Mr. Kamal Gharib Al Bakri Member ( representing Cairo Amman Bank)
Dr. Khaldoun Wishah Member ( representing Central Bank of Jordan)
H.E.Mrs. Nadia Al Sa'eed Member ( representing Bank al Etihad)
Mr. Tawfiq AbdelKader Mukahal Member ( representing Jordan Kuwait Bank)
Mr.Walid Moheyeldin Al Samhouri Member ( representing Arab Bank)
Mrs. Luma Nayef Bakri Member ( representing the Housing Bank for Trade & Finance)
Mr. Khattab Al Banna Independent Member
H.E.Dr. Ibrahim Saif Independent Member
Dr. Adnan Al Hindi Independent Member
Dr. Ismail Zaghloul Independent Member