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All existing SMEs enterprises which work in the industrial and services sector and operating in Jordan as a profit making enterprises, fully owned by the private sector with a maximum of 250 employees and minimum of 5 employees.

Credit Guarantee Program
Max Credit Limit in USD Guaranteed percentage (%) Max. Payment Period (Month)
Domestic Credit Guarantees

Commercial risks:
Buyer’s insolvency, bankruptcy of the buyer, and refusal to receive the shipped goods

The program is a guarantee to the manufacturer that the cause of their sale to the domestic buyer will be received. The program covers 80% of the losses.

**Meaning of buyer: every buyer from the private sector, including those who have legal personality such as induvial corporations and private companies. It does not include individuals and the final consumer.

The export credit guarantee enables the covered party to obtain financing with more favorable conditions by discounting commercial papers while assigning the rights of compensation to the bank without recourse to the covered party in case any covered is realized.

Commercial insurance provided by insurance companies protects the exporters against tangible physical risks that may affect exported goods, such as damage, theft, loss, drowning and other tangible risks. While the export credit guarantee covers the risk that the exporter will not receive the payment on the due date.

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